STAY iuDia On The River Experience The Tranquillity Of Old Siam (Thailand)

21 June 2017
STAY iuDia On The River Experience The Tranquillity Of Old Siam (Thailand)

After years of procrastination, finally I have landed myself in the historic city of Ayutthaya, an ancient capital in the Central region of Thailand. Today, known as the Ayutthaya Historical Park, which was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991, is one of the most remarkable ruined cities in Southeast Asia. Although Ayutthaya is only one hour drive from Bangkok and most of the main attractions can be covered within a day, we chose to stay in this beautiful city for 3 days, so that we can slowly explore the ruined temples and experience the city fully without rushing.

When come to choosing an accommodation, I always find it interesting to look at the boutique hotels, because I like to admire how a boutique hotel is uniquely set up and usually come with a theme and awe-inspiring style. When we were in Ayutthaya, we stayed with iuDia On The River, a cultured, refined and elegantly furnished boutique hotel located in the heart of the ancient Ayutthaya ruins.

iuDia On The River offers well equipped facilities including river view suites and deluxe guest rooms with a majestic view of heritage ruins, in-house cafe, intimate Siamese courtyards and swimming pools. Inspired by the receptive culture of Ayutthaya, iuDia has their guest rooms named after the famous visitors of the ancient capital; and each room features modern Thai style setting with a twist of a special theme related to the famous visitor.

When we arrived at iuDia, we were greeted by the tall grandeur iron gate on the red brick facade which resemble the walls of Ayutthaya temple ruins; walked through the passage and we were lead to the reception desk. A big welcomed by the friendly staff and followed by showing us the room for our stay…

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