Courtyard Rooms

The Courtyard rooms consists of the following rooms: La Loubère, Bayinnaung, Samuel White

Courtyard Rooms Courtyard Rooms Courtyard Rooms

La Loubère

(1642–1729), the author of Du Royaume de Siam, studied law and was sent on an embassy to Siam by Louis XIV to convert the natives into Catholicism. He departed from Brest on March 1st 1687 and arrived at Siam in 27 September 1687, where he only stayed for three months. The mission was a failure.

A Courtyard room on 2nd floor (Twin bed) with bathtub.


(1516–1581) was a king of the Toungoo dynasty in Burma. He is widely revered in the country, and is best known for unifying the kingdom and expanding his empire to incorporate the neighboring Shan States, Siam and Laos.

A Courtyard room (Twin bed) on ground floor with shower.

Samuel White

was an Englishman who was appointed the Shabandar of Mergui by King Narai (1633–1688). Mergui was an important port of Ayudhya on the Andaman coast during the 17th century.

A Courtyard room on 2nd floor (Twin bed) with bathtub.

Room facilities and service

  • Mini bar
  • Room service
  • Air conditioning in all rooms
  • Coffee and tea facilities in all rooms
  • Free WiFi in all rooms
  • TV with DVD
  • Small refrigerator and private en-suite bathroom with care amenities

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