Riverview Rooms

The Riverview Rooms consists of the following rooms: Mendes Pinto,  Diogo Perreyra, Chin Chantu , Yamada, ,Phaulkon

Riverview Rooms Riverview Rooms Riverview Rooms

Mendes Pinto
(เมนดึซ ปินตู)

(1509–1583) was a Portuguese explorer and writer. He claimed to have been among the first group of Europeans to visit Japan and introduced the gun there in 1543. Using borrowed money, Pinto bought passage to Siam and describes how not long after his arrival the King requested Portuguese residents to enlist to quell a revolt in the Northern boundaries.

A Riverview room on 2nd floor (King size bed) with terrace and shower.


山田長政 (1590–1630), was a Japanese adventurer who gained considerable influence in at the beginning of the 17th century. He was appointed Okya Senabhimuk by King Songtham and later became the ruler of Ligor in southern Siam.

A Riverview room on ground floor (Twin bed) with shower and terrace.

Chin Chantu

was a Chinese Junk Master who led a failed Khmer expedition to attack Petchburi. Following the abortive mission he sought refuge in Ayudhya. He was subsequently, suspected of spying for the Khmers and left Ayudhya to evade capture.

A Riverview room (Twin bed) on ground floor with terrace and bathtub.

Diogo Perreyra

was the leader of the Portuguese mercenaries who fought on the Siamese side during the Burmese campaign against Ayudhya which began in 1540. The Burmese failed repeatedly to breach the Portuguese defences prompting the former to offer bribes to get him to betray the Siamese to no avail. Due to the stout defence of the Portuguese the Burmese did not succeed in taking Ayudhya until 1569.

A Riverview room on 2nd floor (King size bed) with terrace and shower.


born Κωνσταντίνος Γεράκης or Constantinos Gerakis, (Gerakis is the Greek word for falcon) (1647–1688), was a Greek adventurer who became a trusted counselor to King Narai of Ayudhya.

A Riverview room on 2nd floor (King size bed) with bathtub.

Room facilities and service

  • Mini bar
  • Allergy friendly rooms
  • Air conditioning in all rooms
  • Coffee and tea facilities in all rooms
  • Free WiFi in all rooms
  • TV with DVD
  • Small refrigerator and private en-suite bathroom with care amenities

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